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Strategy: Andrew Honey

Andrew Honey
06 Aug 2019

Strategy: Andrew Honey

Your Silver Bullet

Architect of the 5-Pillar Strategic Sales Organisation FrameworkTM rated by 93% of the 2018 ThinkSales Sales Leadership Convention delegates as very good to outstanding.

In this presentation, based on research and backed-up by data from the 5-Pillar Sales Organisation Assessments, Andrew unveils how companies can engineer and deploy their Sales Organisations to overcome business context and business model challenges to build a company that grows revenue, improves margins and increases profits above their industry standard.

Acquire insight into the three fundamental business models and how to overcome the challenge of your current business model not positioning your company as Number 1 or Number 2 in your chosen market segment. Discover how to position your Sales Organisation as the silver bullet that overcomes business model design challenges and re-positions your organisation to win in your chosen market space.

  1. Determine strategic choices you can make if you are not the no. 1 Cheapest or Differentiated option in your industry
  2. Understand what customers most value in your chosen market sector
  3. Discover how the Sales Organisation is the silver bullet available to all companies in all industries.