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Strategy Workshop: Andrew Honey (Part 1)

Andrew Honey
07 Aug 2019

Strategy Workshop: Andrew Honey (Part 1)


  • Apply learnings from the presentation on Day 1 to create ONE key Sales Organisation Strategic Project.
  • The project will be based on your assessment scores from the 5-Pillar Strategic Sales Organisation Framework Assessment as well as Sessions 1 and 2 in the workshop.
  • Two strategic planning sessions utilise large strategy canvasses, with post-it notes to plot group-thinking onto a single large document.
  • The workshop is completed by utilising the decisions from the strategy canvasses to SELECT and MAP one strategic project into a slide deck developed exclusively for 2019 Convention delegates so you can go back to your organisation and immediately begin implementing the project.


  1. Understand External Factors (Business Context and Competitors) impacting your Sales Organisation from both an Opportunity and a Threat perspective
  2. Define the factors and activities determining your Sales Organisation’s strengths and weaknesses as illustrated in the results of the 5-Pillar Framework Assessment
  3. Return to your company with a definitive project to leverage strengths and address weaknesses to ensure a tangible result from attending the 2019 Thinksales Sales Leadership Convention.